This sections contains press releases and announcements about healthcare from professional and regulating bodies.

This policy document will be taught to student nurses and midwives on future courses. Please familiarise yourself with its contents and reinforce the policy within the learning environment. To read the policy document please go to:

Baroness Audrey Emerton tabled a question for debate on the Government's response to the Willis Commission report Quality and Compassion. Themes included a strong affirmation of degree level nursing and extensive debate on the regulation of support workers. Lord Willis also argued for research to be placed 'right at the heart of training'.

In response, Earl Howe noted that the 'Government’s mind is open' on mandatory regulation of health and social care support workers, a relatively recent shift in position. He also affirmed the importance of research as part of a nursing degree. In the debate a suggestion was made that deans should sign off candidates after a period of preceptorship. Earl Howe responded that he would 'test the proposal' with the NMC and CoDH, and we will keep members updated on the form of that proposal. Read the full debate (column GC281) onwards.

The final report of the Willis Commission report into the future of nursing education has been published. Main points to note from the report are:

  • No evidence of link between poor nursing and pre-registration education and training
  • Support for research and building of capacity in clinical academic workforce
  • Support for career frameworks and CPD

The Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England. It sets out rights to which patients, public and staff are entitled, and pledges which the NHS is committed to achieve, together with responsibilities which the public, patients and staff owe to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively. All NHS bodies and private and third sector providers supplying NHS services are required by law to take account of this Constitution in their decisions and actions.

Mentors and Supervisors of students in clinical practice are required to disseminate these principles and demonstrate to students how they can be applied to the clinical practice setting. Please go to the link below which provides you with the document published by the Department of Health.


This document explains the purpose of the EOF, and confirms the details about each domain in terms of definition and outcome. The EOF sets the outcomes that the Secretary of State expects to be delivered from the reformed education and training system. These outcomes will be delivered through partnership working by a range of stakeholders across the health and education system with Health Education England (HEE) and the Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) playing leading roles.

Appendix A provides an overview of potential education developments that the government will be implementing in the future.