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The Collaborative Curriculum is an integrative part of the 2013 pre-registration curriculum. A knowledge resource (the Robot) has been created to broaden your understanding of the collaborative element of the course that is situated within Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Operating Department Practice, Paramedic Science and Midwifery.

Take a moment to access the resource to become familiar with the ways in which your students will be learning how to collaborate in theory and practice.

Access the resource here

Enhancing Patient Care by promoting compassionate practice

"...The impetus for this programme arose from local and National concerns about care focussed on patients and their relatives experiencing a lack of empathy and compassion, acknowledging that it is often small acts of kindness and a human connection, alongside clinical competence that is appreciated by patients and relatives."

Executive Summary June 2012Executive Summary June 2012


NHS East and Midlands require all practitioners to disseminate and utilise this strategy. Students of the university will be made aware of the strategy and we would ask your support in demonstrating how students can implement it in the practice setting. Please look at the enclosed link which will provide you with information regarding the strategy and a useful tool kit for use in practice.

This research study provides an interesting discussion on the issues facing HEI’s and NHS Trusts regarding sustaining and maintaining the delivery of student nurse mentorship in the future. The researchers considered mentor roles, resources, standards and debates. The study was undertaken by the National Research Unit, Kings College , London.

The study can be found on

This new resource will support the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge by:

  • raising the profile of the wider nursing contribution to dementia care
  • describing what is expected of all nurses to meet the level and quality of care expected in all care settings

The vision demonstrates the 6Cs for dementia care by including nursing values and behaviours. It builds on ‘Compassion in Practice’, the national vision for nurses, midwives and care staff.

The strategy can be found at;