During the programme students are required to undertake a triad assessment. This involves the student delivering an aspect of care and their performance is assessed by themselves, their mentor and the AiP (hence triad).

First Year Triad Assessment GuidanceFirst Year Triad Assessment Guidance

Third Year Triad Assessment GuidanceThird Year Triad Assessment Guidance

First Year Triad Marking GridFirst Year Triad Marking Grid

Third Year Triad Marking GridThird Year Triad Marking Grid

Towards the end of their programme, students are also required to complete a dyad assessment.

This assesses a student’s ability to manage care for a small number of women and their babies during a clinical shift. The student’s  performance is assessed by self and a mentor (hence dyad) with whom they have never worked or have worked only occasionally.

Dyad AssessmentsDyad Assessments

Dyad Marking CriteriaDyad Marking Criteria

An Unseen Triad: