These University policies & procedures are pertinent to practice education and therefore your role in supporting students in practice.

Professional suitability

It is expected that students behave in a professional manor and are fit to practice in their chosen career. This policy outlines the procedure when a breach of the required professional conduct is considered to have occurred.

Professional suitability and fitness to practiceProfessional suitability and fitness to practice April 2013

Faculty Uniform Policy

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) policy

Social Networking Guidelines

These guidelines provide information for students on the use of social networking sites in particular their responsibilities in relation to their behavior and professional conduct.

Guidance for Students on the Use of Social Networking SitesGuidance for Students on the Use of Social Networking Sites

Occupational Health

This policy is under review

All students prior to commencing placement require occupational health clearance as being fit for practice.

Travel to and from Placements

Guidelines under Review