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Pre-placement Considerations

Pre-placement Considerations




Defining Additional Needs



Preconceptions when Supporting Additional Needs

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This web page contains information and research articles professional, ethical, legal and practical/interactive information using multiple forms of web page technology. The general information pages will provide you with important and useful information about the placements - get the help you need at the click of a button. Use the links on the right to explore and find out more about the information and resources provided.

Student Health & Wellbeing

As a clinical practitioner you will engage with and educate many students in their career pathway. Within your role of supporting students you may identify that a student is struggling in clinical practice primarily due to current stressful life events in their private lives. You may have concerns about how best to support the student at these times of stress, if so the following information may be of benefit to both you and the student.

  • The student could be encouraged to contact their academic personal tutors (APT) who can offer pastoral support and suggest services that may be of psychological benefit for their circumstances if required.
  • You may wish to consider and explore with the student about asking a member of the academic practice teams to visit the student for added support in the practice environment.
  • You may wish to consider and explore with the student about asking other colleagues where appropriate such as the practice educator/ facilitators to offer the student added support at this stressful time.
  • You may wish to consider and explore with the student whether they need to seek help and guidance from their General Practitioner.
  • Coventry University offers a range of student Health and Wellbeing Services which includes physical, emotional and spiritual support which are confidential and accessible for the student. Two of the web links cited below from Coventry University briefly explain how the student can contact services such as the counselling services, welfare and disabilities and offers access to the “How are you today” (general wellbeing checklist web page)  which may be of benefit. The third Web link is provided by the University of Warwick and contains a video clip on managing stress.
    Student Services at Coventry University
    "How are you today" (general wellbeing checklist) at Coventry University
    Mental Wellbeing and stress video clip from Warwick University

The Student Emotional Well-being site has been reviewed and refreshed so if you have concerns regarding the well-being of any of your students please signpost them to: where a host of resources are available.

How Are You Today FlyerHow Are You Today Flyer

The Successful Placement App

The Successful Placement app has been developed at Coventry University as part of the Intervention for Success project, funded by the Office for Students. The resource provides useful information, guidelines and ideas to support and inform students preparing for a placement. It provides information on disclosing a disability, discussing reasonable adjustments staff at the University and with educators in clinical settings; as well as accessing support through your Study Support Tutor or the Welfare team on campus. The app has lots of links and materials to help students plan for a successful placement and prepare for learning effectively in practice settings. The Intervention for Success project is lead at Coventry University is Dr. Arinola Adefila.

The app can be accessed via this link: 

Supporting students with additional needs

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