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The Challenges

The Challenges

Student Focus - The challenges of learning in placement

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Students learn in a variety of different ways and being on placement is one of the most important ways a student can gather the information they need to become an effective practitioner.

Facilitating student learning

The role of the practice educator is to facilitate the student’s learning and to assess their level of competence. The mentor/assessor needs to help the student gain the most out of their practice, to do this they need to facilitate the student’s learning and to ascertain what level they are at, this in turn will inform the the responsibilities that the student is given.

It is important that the student is given responsibility so that their competence can be assessed but at the same time the mentor should consider the value of the tasks that the student is given and be careful not to overburden the student with responsibilities - especially early in the placement. The learning will be a two way process - the mentor/assessor will gain an understanding of the students needs and competencies while the students gains an understanding of their role.

The challenge of placements

A strength  of placements is that learning will relate to each individual learning environment. Students will gain an understanding of real life workplaces but each placement they attend will offer it's own unique challenges. Students will need guidance and support from their mentors and assessors - even students who have been on multiple placements before will need careful mentoring to ensure they understand the environment they are placed in. Mentors should ensure that students are given the chance to observe mentors/assessors as well as other clinicians and specialists to ensure they get a well-rounded understanding of the workplace.

Practice educators will need to consider the following when working with placement students:

  • Students will need to be observed directly and indirectly
  • Students will need to achieve their defined practice outcomes (as recorded in their practice grids and assessment documentation)