Learning Experience

Learning Experience

What do Practice Educators bring to the students learning experience?

Managing Responsibilities

Managing Responsibilities

How do Practice Educators manage role responsibilities?

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Supervising student learning as a mentor/practice educator  is a critical component of healthcare education and practice. The mentoring/practice educator role is multifaceted and can involve  instructing, counseling, guiding and facilitating student learning as well as professional socialisation of students in placement. The aim of the content of this webpage is to assist you in further developing and refining of your skills, abilities, and understanding of your role as supervisor of student learning in placement. The content of this webpage aims  to assist your continuing development as effective mentors/ practice educator.

Support Learning & Mentor Responsibilities

As a practice educator you will take charge of the development and nurturing of future healthcare professionals and this brings with it a number of responsibilities.

To your students

  • To offer support
  • To give the appropriate level of supervision
  • To facilitate learning
  • Assistance in applying theory to practice
  • Encouragement to develop their critical thinking
  • To assess their progress
  • Evaluate their learning
  • Assist with planned learning experiences
  • To work in partnership with the university
  • To give honest and constructive feedback
  • To facilitate reflective practice
  • To assist students in self evaluation of their practice
  • To help them develop skills and confidence
  • Promotion of professionalism
  • Ensure they are fit for practice (i.e. the student fulfils the needs of registration)
  • Ensure they are fit for purpose (i.e. they can function safely and effectively in practice)
  • Provide access to resources
  • Be familiar with the student’s programme of study
  • Assist the student to identify specific learning opportunities
  • Share your knowledge of clinical skills and of patient care

To yourself

  • Be willing and prepared to take on the mentor/assessor role
  • To undertake an approved assessor preparation course for the role
  • To meet professional body requirements for practice educator role

To update

For further information see the HCPC website and NMC website.